Bob Dylan… a Phoney?

So, I’m beginning to suspect Bobby D. is a phoney.

Here’s why:

  1. The 60s was an idealistic time in which there was a “hippy” movement for drugs, free love, peace, etc. However, that generation has grown up to become extremely corporate driven. Thus, I believe that back then it was merely the trend to be pro-peace, and similarly, today it is the trend to care only for learning as a means to a corporate rank or prestige and not enlightenment. Bob Dylan may have essentially captured the mood of that time.
  2. When it comes to questions about the real meaning behind some of his widely applicable lyrics, he gives no substantial answer.
  3. He said/is saying NOTHING about the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, or any of the many other places where the US is bombing the “democracy and freedom” into weaker nations, a stark contrast to his behaviour decades ago.
  4. He toured in Israel, for goodness sake.
  5. Joni Mitchell, who apparently toured with him many times, called him a phoney. Though, disappointingly, because her opinion is unpopular, nobody seems to have explored her claims and resort instead to attacking integrity.

However, where we have little to no knowledge, we must suspend judgement. ;)

Now, none of this is to say that Bob Dylan’s music isn’t brilliant, STILL applicable, enjoyable and thought-provoking. Only that he may be a bit of a money-grubber.